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Custom designed event pages

Last Updated: Dec 22, 2016 09:51AM SAST

You've worked hard making your event unique, so why shouldn't your event page reflect that? While we have many themes you can choose from within your event dashboard, our in-house design team loves putting together clean, beautiful, fully customised event pages to match your brand and image.

We’ll take your creative direction in-house and design a unique and eye-catching event page to match your vision. Simply contact, and let our team know you’re interested in creating a custom design for your event page. 

Please note the following:
  • Each page uses a header image that can be either a PNG or JPG. The image should be a width of 1500px and a height of no larger than 400px
  • A PNG should be used if and when wanting to achieve a level of transparency in layering.
  • Each page can use either a solid colour background, a gradient or an image to fill the page. The image must be no more than 1000px wide and then length isn't that important.
  • Do bare in mind that the header image will cover the first however many pixels you choose of the background image.
  • The background image will scale in responsive design.
  • The background image should be saved as a JPG to save on file size which affects page load time.
  • The panels of all the boxes can be any colour you want, simply send the Hex values.

The image for the public listing page on Quicket should be designed for two dimensions. We first use a 360px by 300px on the public front page but it also uses that same image and auto crops to 300px by 300px for square listings, so leave some space at top and bottom.

Email with your images, and our team will spruce up your event page in no time, at no charge.

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