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Recurring Events

Last Updated: Apr 06, 2017 11:14AM SAST
Your event is a series scheduled over multiple times or dates. No need to set up separate event pages - you can list each segment of your event on the same event page with our Recurring Events feature.

Once you've registered your account on Quicket, head to our homepage and click Create Event. You'll be taken to the event creation form where you'll start filling in the details for your event.

Enter your event details, including name, description, categories, and upload an event image. Keep in mind that you can update or change all of this information from your dashboard once you've completed the creation form. 

Next you'll start setting up the dates for your recurring event. Under Event dates, click Multiple events.

Under Event Repeats, you’ll have options to select daily, weekly, monthly, or single date. Selecting daily, for instance, creates daily dates for your event. Choose the times of the event, and if the event repeats on the Same day, next day, or 2nd day, etc. 

The above selection, for instance, would create a series of events that repeats every Monday starting 6 May 2017 from 10:00am to 12:00pm until 6 June 2017.
If you've clicked Multiple events by accident, and your event is not a series, don't worry - just click Cancel and you can rather select the date range for your single event.

Important to note:
Multiple payments for multiple events: Organisers creating a series of recurring events will receive payment for each event in the series. E.g., if you have a series of three events over the course of three weeks, you will receive a payout for each individual event within 3 working days of the event ending.
Creating ticket types: In a recurring series of events, you won’t be able to create different ticket types for each event. The ticket types that you create will apply to each event in the series. Your event capacity will also stay the same across the series.

Managing your recurring event

Note that your event dashboard will by default show the the guests and reports from all of the events in the series. To see information for each individual event, just select the event from the dropdown menu at the top of your event dashboard.


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