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How do I find my proof of payment?

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2016 10:52AM SAST

If you choose to pay by Bank Transfer, we'll need you to send us proof of payment so we know your payment was made before we confirm your booking. If you make a cash deposit, you can send us a scanned copy of your deposit slip, but if you pay by EFT via your online banking, we'll need the official proof of payment provided by your bank.

If you're not sure how to find your proof of payment, take a look at the instructions below for your bank:


   1.  Log into internet banking
   2.  Using the main menu, navigate to:

  •         Payments → View beneficiaries → Main, if you added Quicket as a beneficiary, or
  •         Payments → View once-off, if you made a once off payment to Quicket

   3.  Select “Quicket” from the drop down menu and click View >
   4.  Select the payment you want proof of payment for by clicking the check box next to it and click Resend
   5.  On the next page, enter details as follows:

  •         Resend Notice of this Payment(s) to beneficiary? = <CHECKED>
  •         Send it to = Email
  •         E-mail Address =
  •         Recipient name = Quicket

   6.  Click Next >
   7.  Ensure the details displayed are correct and click Resend >

Or you can contact ABSA support for further assistance: 0860 008 600


  1.     Log into internet banking.
  2.     Click Pay from the horizontal menu at the top of the page.
  3.     Click Payment History (under Pay Recipient).
  4.     Locate the payment to Quicket and click Send.
  5.     For Method, choose Email Address and enter
  6.     Click Send at the bottom.


After locating the payment to Quicket in your Payment History, click Download and attach the downloaded PDF in an email to

You can contact FNB support for further assistance: 087 575 9404



  1.     Log into internet banking
  2.     Using the main menu, navigate to Payments → Beneficiary Payment History
  3.     Select appropriate values from Beneficiary list and Beneficiary to display payments to Quicket
  4.     Recent payments to Quicket will be displayed which you can either:
  •         print and fax (or email) to us, or
  •         can email to us directly from within internet banking

Or you can contact Nedbank support for further assistance: 0860 555 111


Standard Bank

  1.     Log into internet banking
  2.     Click on the Payments and transfers tab
  3.     Click on the Transaction history tab
  4.     Select your search method to find your payment and click View
  5.     Find the required payment and either:
  •         Click the link under the Beneficiary name & reference column
  •         A new window will open showing your proof of payment
  •         Send this to us by printing it to PDF and emailing it to


  •         Click the View button under the Payment Confirmation column
  •         On the next page, enter details as follows:

            - Send payment confirmation = <CHECKED>
            - Payment confirmation method = “E-mail”
            - Recipient Name = Quicket
            - Recipient Address =

  •         Click “Send payment confirmation” to send payment confirmation to us via email

Or you can contact Standard Bank support for further assistance: 0860 123 000

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