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Using the Quicket laptop scanning app

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2016 03:29PM SAST
You are preparing for the day of your event and want an easy way to check in guests from your laptop. Whether you've hired a barcode scanner or plan to check in guests manually, our HTML5 scanning app lets you check your guests in from multiple computers, online or offline.

Step 1: Set up your scanners
Log into your Quicket account, go to My Events and click Manage next to your event. From the left menu of your event dashboard, go to On the Day >> Scanners.

You can use our default scanner that we've provided, or you can create your own. If you have multiple gates or entryways, you can add multiple scanners which will give you a more specific and accurate check-in report.

Step 2: Log in to the check-in page

Click Login next to the scanner you're going to be using, and then Login again on the following page.

You will need to be online, connect to the internet the first time the check-in page is loaded in order to download the guest list. This can take a minute or two the first time depending on how big the guest list is. We recommend logging into the scanning app at least a day before the event, to download your guest list and get to know the app.

Please note that if you do not have access to the internet during your event, you will need to close ticket sales before loading the guest list.

Navigating your check-in page

1. This is the syncing status. This is important the first time you download your guest list onto your scanner. A green Online status means you have an internet connection and the application is ready to send your data to the scanner. A red Offline button means there is no connection, and you won’t be able to download the guest list. Scanning will still work, but if any guests have purchased tickets since loading the scanning page, they will not be reflecting in this guest list.

Ticket data scanned offline is stored in the scanner’s computer, and the info is only updated when you’re connected to the internet again. Check the Help? tab on the top right of your check-in page for more information on your syncing status.

2. If you're using a barcode scanner, you'll need the cursor of your mouse to be in this box when checking in guests. If you're checking in manually, just type in guests' manually here to quickly find their ticket.

3. This is the number of guests already checked in. If you are scanning offline, this will only show the amount of guests checked in on the scanner you are using. Once you connect all of your laptops to the internet again, you'll see the total updated amount of guests checked in.

4. Click Show stats to see how many of each ticket has been checked in already, the amount of tickets transferred for your event, the amount of merchandise redeemed, and the total number of tickets checked in by your scanner.

5. The ticket status box displays information from the last ticket scanned for your event. A green bar means your check in was successful. Red indicates the ticket has already been scanned in.

6. Search by guest name, ticket number or barcode, automatically filtering results as you type.

7. Ticket numbers and barcodes are displayed here.

8. Email addresses and attendees are listed here. 

9.  This column will show you which tickets have already been checked in.

10. Any tickets that have not yet been checked in will display a green Checkin link. If you are manually checking in guests or the barcode scanner is unable to scan the ticket, you can click Checkin.

11. Click Details to see the details and purchase history of the ticket.

12. Click the icon to add a note to a ticket. So, for example, if a party shows up to your event at different times, the first to arrive can ask you to leave a note for the rest in their party letting them know they are sitting at table 5 and not table 3 as originally planned.

Step 3: Put it in action

You can manually check in your guests or hire barcode scanners from Quicket which can be plugged into any laptop. Simply contact us to arrange equipment hire. Please note that there is an additional cost to hiring equipment.

Check in a guest using a scanner by putting your cursor in the barcode search bar (just click inside the text box) and scan their ticket’s barcode. To check in guests manually, just enter the guests barcode number in the space provided and hit Enter on your keyboard.

When the ticket has been scanned, an option to “checkout” will appear in red. This is in case a ticket has been checked in by mistake.

If you experience any trouble, or did some scanning tests before the actual event and need to clear out the data, just click Settings in the top right corner of the page and then Reset data.

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