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Issuing tickets for a creative project

Last Updated: May 05, 2016 01:53PM SAST
You have received your email from Quicket regarding issuing tickets for your creative project and now you are wondering what to do next.

Below is some information regarding the creative project ticket allocation:
  • You will have been allocated a certain amount of tickets for your creative project and will not be able to distribute more tickets than you were allocated.
  • There is one ticket per person in your team and you cannot allocate more than 1 ticket to a person.
  • Each ticket holder will be required to fill out a burner bio before they are able to purchase tickets.
  • We refer to each person in your crew as a project member
In order to allocate tickets to your team members please follow the instructions below

Step 1: Sign in to Quicket

Click here to sign in to your Quicket account. When tickets were allocated to you we would have created a Quicket account for you if you did not have one already. If you need to retrieve your password please click here and we will send you password reset instructions.

Step 2: Click on the link to get to your management page

When tickets were allocated to you Quicket would have sent you an email with instructions. In that email there is a link to your creative project ticket allocation management portal. After clicking on this link you should see a screen similar to the picture below

On the above screen you will see the following sections:
  • Tickets available for your project - this section give you a breakdown of how many tickets your project has been allocated as well as the number of tickets that you have distibuted so far. In the picture above a total of 15 tickets have been allocated to the project and 0 tickets have been distributed
  • People you have allocated tickets to - this section shows you all the people you have allocated tickets to. In the above picture you can see that 0 people have been allocated tickets.

Step 3: Add a project member

Click on the "Add project member" button to add a project member to your group. After clicking that you will see the following below People you have allocated tickets to

When adding a project member you are required to fill out all fields. An explanation of the fields are below
  • Name: The name of the person you are allocating tickets to
  • Email: The email address of the person you are allocating tickets to
  • Cellphone: The cellphone number of the person you are allocating tickets to
  • Ticket type: What type of ticket are you allocating to this person. Tip: If you were not allocated more than one ticket type then you will only see one ticket type in the drop down.
From here you can add more members to your project if there are more to add.


Step 4: Save changes

Once you are happy, click the big "Save all my changes" button at the bottom of the page. After saving changes an email will be sent to all the project members with instructions on how to purchase their tickets.

Tip: If you do not know all of your teams details when you first start you can enter in the details of the project members that you do know and save changes. You can then come back at a later date once you have other members details.

After clicking save changes you will see a bit more information for each team member.

  • Code: This is the code that can be used to purchase the ticket. If for whatever reason your team member cannot purchase their own ticket you can click on this code and purchase it on their behalf. Remember that in order to do this the person will require a burner bio.
  • Tickets redeemed: This will give you an indication of if the person has or has not purchased their ticket
  • Actions: Under the actions menu you will see more actions than before
  • Save this entry: If you make any changes you can click to to save them
  • Delete row: This will delete the row as long as no tickets have been purchased. It will also invalidate the code
  • Purchase ticket: Clicking this will take you to Quicket where you will be able to purchase the ticket
  • Resend SMS: This will resend the SMS instructions on how to purchase a ticket
  • Resend Email: This will resend email instructions on how to purchase a ticket

If you need any further help or information please do not hesitate to contact us

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